The Jots & Tittles of Scribes and Storytellers          - Volume II

ISBN13: 9780998073422

Although there are many writers in the kingdom, we have noticed a lack of Christian fiction. It is our desire to reduce this void and provide support to those emerging authors with a great story... but nowhere to tell it! So, this Christian Fiction Anthology is our response to that need. The Jots & Tittles of Scribes and Storytellers is a novel compilation of the following five short stories: - Staying Under the Influence by Sandra Astacio - Love Never Fails by Elaine Roundtree Montford and Elder DHBonner- The Adventures of Chandler by Shelly Shelton - A Basket of Empty Promises by Angel Miller - Two Hearts United by Tamala Coleman 

The Jots & Tittles of Scribes and Storytellers
- Volume III
"On behalf of MOMENTUM! Publishing, we would like to welcome Sandra Astacio as a Contributing Author to Book III of "The Jots & Tittles of Scribes and Storytellers" — our Christian fiction compilation."
- DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC (02/03/21)
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GoodReads - Published 11/20/20

"From reading page 1, this is not like the first Jots & Tittles. I really like the way this prologue hooked me in!
Sandra Astacio’s ability to personify a deity and capture my attention is wonderful. Staying Under the Influence is beautifully written in a way where the characters are easy to relate to and a reader can see themselves in the characters.
Amelia is the main character in this story who has a troubled past that she allows to control her present and future. I related to Amelia when she was in her early 20’s and feared getting old and was holding on to the things she used to do. In my life I have not held on to what I used to do but, I have constantly feared getting old. In my mind, getting older meant getting closer to death. But aging also reminded me of all my failed accomplishments. Things I thought would be done by now. But, for me, I had my son at 29 and realized that I am older. But that means we are gaining knowledge in life and now have the income to do things we really want to do! I’m overjoyed that my son came into my life and turned it around for the better. Unfortunately, it took something else to assist Amelia in her revelation.
What I absolutely love is Astacio’s ability to write a Christian body of work without it seeming Christian. You know what I mean? Christian stories are full of scripture and God and the authors beliefs are soaking the pages so heavily, it feels like you’re being preached to. This story was not like that at all and I enjoyed that the most.
What I feel it lacked was dialogue. This story is mostly narration without any conversation or self-reflection. It is very easy to relate to and interject yourself into because none of the characters have any personality to remind you of anyone. Do not mistake what I am trying to convey, please. This was a story worth reading. But, in my opinion, I would like to see the battle Amelia has with herself, the battle she has with her past, the relationship she has with her mother who chose to be blind when it mattered. How did she interact with her father after not seeing her for so many years? He was her savior but, why now? Did he have a choice in the matter? All of this would have been very entertaining to read in dialogue.
I will say this though, the absence of dialogue leaves you in the dark as to the characters race and geographical location. Which assists in the relatability.
Overall, I give the first story of the book, 4/5 stars. Ms. Astacio, you opened the anthology in a marvelous way. You put us in the action and had us anxious to know what in the world is going on. I love it! I look forward to reading more from you." - The Zion