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You, Jesus

You, Jesus, are the tear stain on the page I was reading when you met me that day.

You are the offshore wind to the mounting waves.

You are the jagged edge of my heart that reminds me to feel through it.

You are the builder to my forever home.

You allow sight to overturn the blindness I sometimes endure.

You fulfill my desires for peace, even among the chaos in my own mind.

You direct my hand to mend the very thing I carelessly break.

You allow Love to push through the most unlikely places.

You summon the right words at the right time, to the right person and they often know its You.

You are the raindrop on my sunglasses lens.

You are the delicate baby wren at the river's edge and the seagull flying overhead.

You are the softest pedal on a rose from a random bush.

You allow the water's reach to stop just before it touches me. Its very rhythm you orchestrate.

You surrender the sun to the horizon and set before me stars to illuminate my night.

You beckon the clouds to part and stopped the heavy raindrops at my request.

You allowed the sun to warm my skin while others were still running for cover.

You bring forth a distant memory in order to remind me You were there. And You saw everything.

You envelop me in light, commune with me in song and visit me in my dreams.

You take my very breath away and then, return it instantly.

How can I not try to count all the ways You go out of your way to love me?

You walked with me even today and caught my tears during that song.

You even connected me to a girl named Yellow and her sweet smile reminded me of You.

I love You.

How can I not?

After all, it's You, Jesus.

Simply, You.

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