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Pink Roses Galore!

So, can I begin by just saying that God is incredible with His timing, His communication and His desire for His Daughters to be fruitful in their gifting? He is relentlessly consistent in all these areas and although I surrender to His authority over my life, my stubbornness probably gives Him a giggle or two from time to time! Here I am, literally still reeling from the excitement of publishing my first book and began to feel a tug at my spirit to not only write another book, but also to begin a blog again! (Seriously, Lord?) Needless to say, my moment of disobedience came to a crashing halt when He sent me inspiration in the only way He can do it; by having a sister of mine give me a coffee cup for Christmas. Yes, that's my Heavenly Father! So, the picture for this blog has the cup in it and of course, I am never far from pink roses (or coffee), so....there you have it! The Blog has a name and it's Pink Roses, Jesus and Coffee! Three of my favorite things. But for now, let's talk Pink Roses... My dad used to love to garden! I found out about his passion when he moved to Tennessee when I was six. He began several gardens and it was not until I became a little older did I realize that it was not just a seasonal hobby, but he developed a sincere admiration to watching things grow he had planted and nurtured. (Just like our Heavenly Father does!) He proudly earned a green thumb and graduated his garden from just season vegetables to beautiful flowers. Flowers of all varieties! He began with mums, then I recall seeing heather, lavender, hibiscus and eventually roses. Ah, these roses, he took extra care of; always pruning, talking to them and even singing to them! I used to think that he was off his rocker singing to them, but here I sit 50 years young and can tell you that I not only sing to my own plants, but I also pray over them! (The things a parent will do ) Daddy loved pink roses. He associated them with little girls (to which he had 3 himself) and told me that he felt they were the most feminine. It never mattered where I saw pink roses from that period on, I began to feel the same way! (That is the main reason, by the way, why I use pink roses at all my ministry events.) About a decade later, my mom took up gardening and guess what she planted first? Yes, you guessed it; PINK roses! My mother actually loved all roses and I seemed to be surrounded by roses all the time when I was little. I close my eyes and see kitchen curtains, bed linens and even her trademark apron she donned every time she baked a cake; all simply detailed with miniature pink roses. It has taken me years to catch the connection, but I believe that maybe somehow God was setting me up to not only born an affection for the flower, but perhaps to allow it to become a symbol of this blessed relationship I once had with my parents. And maybe He wishes to remind me that He has always been with me, carefully lining my path with these pink beauties, too! Only He knows, but as I write this first entry, I feel the Spirit telling me that our Heavenly Father is that purposeful in His pursuit of you, too! He 'signals' each of us with things, with impromptu conversations, divine meetings, old songs, etc. and waits patiently, as only a loving Parent would, until we catch up. See, He is always speaking- always trying to communicate with His children. I have watched Him answer a heart's fervent prayer right before my eyes as I listen to a trusted mentor speak. I have even recently experienced a gentle whisper in my spirit that told me to 'Step forward, Daughter' while I attended a healing gathering. He has urged me to grab the hands of a complete stranger at the exact second that they almost fell forward onto the pavement and gently help them to their car. He has brought words into my speech that I do not remember saying to only relay a confirmation for someone in the audience. A confirmation of a life changing decision they just made...A decision to live!

His gentle whispers, much like the pink roses were for me, are all around us, Sister! He has laid petals at your beautiful feet every moment of your life. Waiting for you to recognize Him. Waiting for you to realize there are Pink Roses Galore! Listen for His voice, Daughter and await the beautiful fragrance His presence brings... Bless you, Sandra

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