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Oh, and then there's Coffee...

From an early age, I remember the smell of coffee filling the room every morning! Often, the very aroma of it beat the alarm clock in helping me out of bed. My family is Puerto Rican and I am not sure if you can relate to this or not, but coffee in our household was as staple as AIR! Instead of having it be a forbidden vice, it was passively encouraged. Of course, Mom put more 'leche' (milk) in it than cafe, but nevertheless, the very feel of the mug in my hand at an early age soon became a fond childhood memory. Dipping my toast in it is still a favorite pastime and the hotter the cup, the better! Lord, I can still hear my Dad slurping it repeatedly until it cooled off just enough for him to guzzle it down. That man was tough as nails, but truth be known (aside from Jesus) I believe a strong cup of Spanish coffee was his secret. The higher the 'octane', the faster things happened! And that was better for everybody!

And so, it is still true today...

Here I am, 40+ years later, still madly in love with the glorious elixir and incorporate it into every occasion I can. Granted, I have a cut off from drinking it at night, but I drink it daily. I love my half and half, flavored creamers, real sugar cubes and even an occasional whipped topping. Not too sweet, but please don't rip the lining off my tongue with a rogue bitterness! I even hold a secret from my youth in how I really like it; by the color of the back of my hand. If the coffee with creamer is a shade darker than the back of my hand, I will be looking for something to lighten it up. That little habit came from my Dad, too. I used to make his coffee for him and how he taught me that I have added enough milk is when it matched the back of my hand. Cute, huh?

Throughout this blog, I will be sharing a few tidbits of my life experiences along with revelation that God gives me. Some of the stories or anecdotes may be silly or they may come from a place of deep wounds, but either way, they are from my heart. The purpose of a blog now in my life- yes, even after just releasing my first book- is two-fold. One, to share with this ministry's audience, the heart of its foundation- to help usher in the transformation of hearts and minds to become more receptive to the calling of God and His perfect will for your life! Two, to inspire you to keep pushing through the journey He has you on; to not just simply endure, but to thrive within the throws of what life deals you! My dream is to one day meet some of you and have an opportunity to look you in the eye while you tell me how God has ministered to you through something that you read here. It could be through something profound like recalling the time Jesus saved me from taking my own life to maybe something like sharing a memory about having coffee with my Dad.

That's the God I serve, Sister. He meets me where I am and through either a vivid picture in my mind, a familiar aroma of a Columbian roast or a still whisper in the middle of the night, He reminds me of His unfailing adoration for His precious daughter! He assures me that He is here in this moment and He was also there at the kitchen table watching me dip my toast. He has never left me, and He has never left you, Beloved! Through all the stories of perseverance and hope-building, He has brought you here for some reason. Stay open to receiving His instruction and basking in His presence as He aligns things for your good. Don't run ahead of Him; just patiently wait.

And while you are waiting for His voice, if you’d like, have a cup of coffee! (Hey, while you are at it, dip your toast; you can thank me later for that.)

Blessings and I will post again very soon! Love, Sandra

Photo Credit: Playalinda Photo

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