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King Jesus is MY Reason!

"Jesus is the Reason for the Season" we say every Christmas and its not to say that gifts, stockings, pot lucks, funny sweaters and fuzzy socks don't excite us during the holiday season, but when we focus on what is most important, people of faith quickly point towards family, memory-making and of course, our King Jesus!

He has all the splendor, all the might, all the majesty of a King and for His sacrifice, we adore Him! If you are like me, regardless of the date on the calendar or the nip in the air, He is on the forefront of my mind and dwells within the corridors of my heart. His love for me is tangible; I see it all around me and know that no matter how I feel or what I experience, nothing will ever change that simple fact that He loves me! Truth is, from where I stand, there are numerous examples of His love for me. From giving me the very air I breathe, waking me up this morning, the constant manna He supplies my family to the instant smile that comes across my grandson's face when he sees me, I am surrounded by proof of His love. His Word showers me with promise, hope, revelation, vision, assurance and a consistent character that binds the fabric of my soul. Honestly, sis, His Word, His Son, His Sacrifice, His Spirit and His Story offer me so much REASON to believe how God loves me and how Jesus had me on His mind that fateful day.

But, no matter how much this FACT is sewn into my heart, what keeps me with a repentant, broken and contrite heart is asking myself this..."Sandra, how are you showing Him today that YOU love Him back?" Listen, guilt and condemnation are not of God and that is not what I am preachin' here, but what I am raising is a question of consistency, authenticity, and a fervent yearning for His presence. Enlisting the Spirit of God to aide in my every step, every decision and every word keeps me grounded in Him and through this practice, I am sure to edify Him in all I do. BUT when I fall short- WHICH I DO- sometimes it is because I am not willing to acknowledge His supremacy in my life. At these times, it is through my own power, my own intellect and my own self-will that I find myself operating. Inevitably, I will fail. Inevitably, I will shrink back. Inevitably, I will miss the mark and even disappoint others. It is when I see only my own reflection and my own fingerprints, I suppress the very Spirit of God within me!

Jesus is and always will be MY reason to worship. Him through my thoughts, my actions, my beliefs, my words and my dedication towards pointing others to Him! But, sister, I work at this. It doesn't come easy as I war against my flesh constantly. I war against convenience. I war against my own comfort. I war against the path of least resistance. I war against my laziness. I war against my presumptions, my assumptions and my own fear. It's WORK! If I were to leave it all up to me and my own muscle, well, you would not be reading this right now....

But there stands King Jesus; tucked into my corner and without a thought of ever leaving me or forsaking me- Faithful, Honorable, Loving and Kind. Merciful, Gracious and Magnificent. He sustains me. His strength is made known in my weakness and I want everything I place my hands on, mind to or effort towards to resonate His touch. I want my life (my crop, my harvest, my fruit) to be a reflection of His love! I desire for my efforts to be driven by not my need to 'accomplish', but instead originating from a deep cistern of grace He has abundantly furnished me and continuously fills .... only after I have allowed it to run dry!

King Jesus.... He is MY Reason! Blessings, Sandra

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