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Fish Faces in the Sunshine

On one of the most beautiful days so far this year, I surprised my sweet hubby by taking him to a popular garden downtown. While abundant in flowers, plants and lush trees, random lizards, cranes, birds, ducks, swans, butterflies and bees entertained us amid our mid-morning stroll. We stared into the coy fish pond and yes, even made funny fish faces hoping somehow to 'relate' to the fish directly- regardless of how silly we looked! (Can you imagine what the fish thought? "Yeah, silly human...we've never seen that before!") Onward to a light brunch, then invading the crowd at a farmer's market would round out the early afternoon.

Typically, we are too busy for a day like this. Errands, meetings, day trips, chores, projects and/or visits seem to fill up our calendars each weekend. Limited time for just....well, US. For slowing the ol' heart rate down, sitting in the sunshine and literally smelling the flowers!

Looking back on that day made me think. Shouldn't we have MORE random days spent making fish faces at perfectly good fish, eating cupcakes in the sunshine and cracking jokes with total strangers? Life is a constant choir of messages coming at you from all different directions at times and although we balance well, eat well, try to exercise, rest when we can and hold babies every chance given, we need to just unplug at times.

My hubby smiled alot that day. He kissed me in the shade, wiped icing off of my nose, posed for a close up and even carved our initials in a tree to commemorate our time together.

What does any of this have to do with Jesus? Well, plenty. See, our Lord and Savior desires us to do the same thing. He desires for us to pause, slow down, take a stroll, enjoy what He created and commune with Him unhurried. That day I heard His voice in the breeze, felt His embrace in the warm rays of the sun. He blessed me and my husband that day with joy. We placed our devotion to one another before Him and marveled at His creation together. Yes, I realize it was only a morning stroll, but the quality of those moments made the difference. No cell phone calls, no texts, no emails, no errands, no chores. Just intentional, mission-driven focus to relish one another's company- joyous and content. Just like when we spend moments with our Father in Heaven! Glorious moments for sure.

And one last I was looking at the picture again, was it to say 'T plus S" or was it instead, actually a 'Cross' between us; reminding us that a marriage with Christ as its center is truly a marriage blessed? (Mark 10:9)

- Amen!

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