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A Servant Brother's Suffering & A Night Sky

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of facilitating a study on the book of Job. Albeit a devastating story about loss, unbelievable despair, and physical as well as emotional suffering, it is also one of a surprising joy. From the vantage point of the bible study Author, both irrepressible and undeniable joy is born from such a darkened season of this faithful servant's life.

As this story unfolds, the litany of 'advice' given to this Godly brother of mine (and yours) was maddening. Although Scripture points us to the possibility of any of these critics' claims as being plausible, it also shows us what an imagination an untamed tongue has and the ability it has of hurting someone deeply. We also see that regardless of the faithful heart of this servant, a steady and consistent God still demands a contrite and repentant heart, sometimes at a greater cost than the servant himself could imagine! Praying a dangerous prayer for the Lord to search our innermost heart, break us from what may be keeping us from a closer walk with Him and lastly, to declare for Him to hear us, save us and even, in some cases, send us, makes this unimaginable story of pain and anguish turn itself into a testament of perseverance, loyalty and FAITH!

Bowing to an omnipotent God places me as close as I can be (for now) to my dear brother and his unquenchable desire to understand the ‘why’ behind what happened. His story of long suffering and patience was marked as a pivotal era in the Bible while lending an acknowledgment of the sovereignty of our Creator. A beautiful waltz between questioning, demanding, declaring and even rejoicing dances across Scripture, while introducing us to a unique dynamic of God’s character. That after such an acquaintance, you can’t help but extol His amazing attention to detail!

So, as I marvel at His incredible artistry, His omnipotence, His grace and sculpting Hand, I tried to capture a description of the night’s sky.

(Dedicated to my dear brother Job)

“Enveloping the sky with bits of light only to harken a deeper stare, He gently veils the heavens. And in a distant dream am I to remove its curtain but only for a moment to reveal shadows of my certain destiny. He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. (Psalm147:4) Dancing wisps of far away clouds form a symphony of images across the night sky... all seemingly placed there for my enjoyment.

In that same window exist a vastness too grand for my mind’s eye to behold; so instead, I quickly surrender to the stillness of what I am able to behold and rest quietly on the promises of what's yet to come…”

In Jesus' name, Selah.

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